The library of the Polish Institute

The library of the Polish Institute in Budapest has 15 thousand books and over 100 long metrage, 35 mm films. These are the best pieces of the Polish film rental, whose entusiastic public comes mainly from the Polish department students, in Hungary. We also offer a rich Polish video collection (about 700 pieces). These are partly fictions (often with English or French subtitles), partly documentaries (about culture, tourism, economy, politics. art events, monographic films, etc.). Since a few year we're continously enriching our CD-collection (classical, film, folk music). In our activity are extremely useful the photo set-ups made by the best Polish artists in over 100 topics, as history, geography, ethnography, politics or culture. From these pictures exhibitions can be organised and as they are easily transportable, they are very popular, especially in the countryside. We are also happy to deliver posters and books to our partners, to the supporters of the culture.

Opening hours: 

Tuesdays, 15.00-20.00


email:; Tel.: +361 505 46 65

Librarian: Mária Békey

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