Join the network of institutions and organizations dealing with the 20th–century history!

Friday 4 April 2014

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity has launched a unique project in order to foster cooperation of research centers, NGOs, museums, galleries and memorials dedicated to the previous century.

An online platform will enable organisations and institutions from around the world to announce their activities, update the information about the projects and invite partners to cooperate. Exchange of experiences, promotion of different activities and the ability to acquire new contacts are the most important objectives of our networking action.

- The initiative to create an international database of institutions and projects related to the 20th century, was born out of the need for joint action and discussion on the issues that unite and divide the historical memory of Europeans - explains Rafał Rogulski, ENRS Secretariat Director.
Organisers of the campaign encourage all interested institutions to spread information about this initiative to the widest possible audience and to publish it on websites and facebook profiles.
- We believe that NETWORKING will become a valuable source of knowledge and ideas and thus will help all organisations that operate  in the difficult field of memory and historical education.
Detailed information and links to databases can be found at: Do not hesitate to cooperate!

European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS) is an international initiative that aims to research, document and promote the study of  the 20th-century European history and  means by which it is remembered, with particular focus on periods of war, dictatorial regimes and resistance to oppression. Member countries of the Network are Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. Romania is soon to join ENRS, while Austria and the Czech Republic have observer status.